Monday, August 31, 2009

Fun in Couer de lane

Thanks to my sister-in-law Julie, I actually have some pictures of something we've done this summer. We spent a week in Northern Idaho with my family at a B&B. Most of the time was spent in the water and it was great.

Here's my whole family, minus Scott's wife Natalie (and now baby Zachary). My mom threw a pajama party one night and gave us all new pajamas!

Adam water skiing!
Cousin Brittanie peacin out with Brynn & Hallie on the boat. They all loved tubing. Teigen discovering a new dietary need of sand. As if dirt wasn't enough. He eats both by the fistfulls.
Brynn playing in the sand. I think all of my kids could live on a beach.


The Curtis Family said...

Looks like a fun summer. And what is it with kids eating dirt? Emily was my worst one. She ate it like candy! There must be something about it that tastes good. But the grit on the teeth? Yuck!

Natalie said...

I too,love the pictures from Julie!! I haven't shared yet but Scott got some rather attractive pictures of you and Amy in goggles! Who knew Adam was such a show-off! It's good I didn't go because I would not have been able to resist the waterskiing and Zach may have been born even sooner!

the reilly's said...

Friend, is that you? All I have to say is, thank goodness for google. I googled you and Adam, since I have no phone # for you, and it linked me to I think your brother? Scott. Your girls are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Seriouslly, they are so cute. They are more than that, that is why I said beautiful and put it in caps. And the loner male(besides Adam), man you guys know how to make some dang cute kids. So I want to talk to you. I was looking on facebook tonight and saw the saddest thing and wanted to talk to you so bad. So, you need to reach me. I now have a blog....thelifeofthereillys.blogspot so if you would like to check it out. I don't know if you have my somehow you need to give me yours. How about emailing me your # and I will call you. My email address is So send me a message so we can chat it up. Love the blog. Love your mom. You would so throw a pajama party. Like mother like daughter. So cute. Talk to you later I hope!!! rachel