Monday, March 30, 2009

Just a few pictures

Beautiful Brynn..this is about the first day she let me do her hair in many a days. And still she screamed at me the whole time and covers her hair with her hands. But she did say she was pretty and wanted to take a picture.

I let both of the girls choose what picture they wanted to post of themselves on the blog and of course, Hallie choose the one with the cheesiest smile. This Sunday, I pleaded with them that I could choose their dress, shoes and how to do their hair. What a bargain! Most of the time I let them do it all which demonstrates pure personality. Hallie loves to be fancy, is easily described as, "the more the merrier." Four shirts, 3 necklaces, a bracelet, 6 barrettes, a ribboned ponytail holder, a headband, mismatched socks and 2 different shoes. Lip gloss is usually the cherry on top! I'll have to remember to take a picture next time she is all decked out.
Teigen's first time with rice cereal. I don't think he was impressed. Every bite made his whole face scrunch up in disgust.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Look a like's

I was looking at these pictures of Teigen and they reminded me so much of Hallie. I guess my kids do have the same father after all. Teigen is so cute these days and willing to flash a smile at anyone who will look his way. He sure does make us all happy.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Kids just wanta have fun...that's all they really want

Here's our day to the fire station! Firefighters are all the talk around our house these days. All Hallie wants to do is marry a firefighter. I told her she could be one, but she said, "no, I want to be a mom and a princess, I want to marry a firefighter. We've depleted the local library of all it's fire books, rented movies and we even hang out in front of the fire station waiting for the big doors to open and the engines to roll out. So I finally made the call to the station and asked if we could check it out. We decided to enroll some of our friends for the big day as well!

Brynn in her cool new fire hat at the fire engine playground.
This is all the friends we got to go with us. I set this up for Hallie and Brynn, but of course they are the only two that would not even make eye contact with the firefighters let alone go anywhere near them for a picture.

Afterwards when no one was looking she did decide it was safe to go close to the firetruck.

Pre-school was at my house this week and for their 1/2 hour of free time they all decided to play doctor. It was pretty fun to watch.

Girls in robes. You'd think they were at the day spa!