Friday, May 15, 2009


Created by: Adam

I know it's a joke and I don't even know if I will do this right. Julie, this is for you. The Evarts family is very lucky to have such a great Wife and Mother. The fact that Julie trained for 6 weeks for this 5K and ran the whole way is a notable accomplishment. The family and I had a pretty fun time hanging out. Thanks to everybody that supported Julie in her first 5K, both in person and Spirit. By the way, Amy ran the race as well. Way to go. Bill and Julia said that it was easier than their morning walks. We saw many interesting people including some costumes. Take a look at some of the pictures...

Start Line

Anxiety builds "Pre-race"

Girls Patiently Waiting for Mom

Julie in Race

Bill and Julia in Race

Pregnant ta ta Lady

After the Race we went to the local Green-build expo. This was pretty fun. I felt like I was up in Alaska again. Bill bought a really cool sun oven. We will have to see how it works once he gets it in the mail. I had the privilege of powering the sound system for a band through riding a bike. I think I got my own workout for the day. Julie and Amy had some relaxing massages. Payback for all the hard work. Hallie and Brynn had a fun time dancing and creating many poses using the railings. Teigen just loved being in the backpack and playing on the lawn at the expo. Here are some more pictures.