Monday, March 30, 2009

Just a few pictures

Beautiful Brynn..this is about the first day she let me do her hair in many a days. And still she screamed at me the whole time and covers her hair with her hands. But she did say she was pretty and wanted to take a picture.

I let both of the girls choose what picture they wanted to post of themselves on the blog and of course, Hallie choose the one with the cheesiest smile. This Sunday, I pleaded with them that I could choose their dress, shoes and how to do their hair. What a bargain! Most of the time I let them do it all which demonstrates pure personality. Hallie loves to be fancy, is easily described as, "the more the merrier." Four shirts, 3 necklaces, a bracelet, 6 barrettes, a ribboned ponytail holder, a headband, mismatched socks and 2 different shoes. Lip gloss is usually the cherry on top! I'll have to remember to take a picture next time she is all decked out.
Teigen's first time with rice cereal. I don't think he was impressed. Every bite made his whole face scrunch up in disgust.


Our beautiful lives... said...

Look how big they're getting! You have to make sure you take a picture of Hallie in all her "get-up".

WolfleyFamily said...

I am so glad to know that my daughter isn't the only one who fights and screams if/when I try to do her hair... :)

Snelders said...

Very nice. I wish I could be there to tease your kids more, they probably can't even remember who their uncle Craig is anymore. They look great though.

Kathleen said...

Teigen's face cracks me up! Not a fan I take it?
And I LOVE the pictures of my fancy girls..
But I have to say..Hallie's choice of clothing is much more colorful! ;)

Derrick and Angie said...

You guys are so great! We miss you... your kids are so cute! I can't believe how big Teigen is already. And your girls look beautiful! Cant wait to see you all soon! (Hopefully end of June early July)

Natalie said...

I think Hallie needs to read on of Britt's favorite books..."Fancy Nancy" because it would fit her perfectly!! I still fight with Britt almost every time I have to do her hair so I feel comforted that I am not alone. What is it with Girls??? We miss you guys and we can't believe hoe big Teigen is getting!