Friday, January 30, 2009

Ode to the Man

One Man, so many skills. Of course with this upcoming "Day of Love," I've been thinking about Adam. I obviously don't think about him enough, because when I went to find pictures of him....I could not. I think the few pictures I've already posted of him are all we've taken this year. Sad. But in looking through them, I did come across some of the projects he's done. So instead of showing him off, I'll show off his projects.
This year I wanted to get the girls a doll house. When I mentioned it to Adam, he immediately said that he wanted to build it. So after many late nights and having to work with me, this is the finished project. We took it all the way to Wayan for Christmas and Adam set it all up for the girls to awaken to on Christmas morning. They love it and will always have a custom made dollhouse from their dad!

This fireplace/Theater room was for my parents. They had an old wood burning fireplace with a rock wall all around it. My mom has always wanted a gas fireplace so Adam volunteered. My step-dad wanted to keep the red brick bench, but Adam did all the rest. I think the crowning moment came when he installed the flat screen and set up surround sound. I know he can't wait for the day when he can do that in our house. My parents bought a new sectional to put in the room and it's a great place to cozy up and have a movie marathon. Forget going out!
On top of those projects, he's spent many hours on our house. All this work and I don't think he's even got a new tool out of it. We love you lots Adam and for more than just your skills. Thanks for always thinking of us and doing all you can to make us happy.


Kandace Welch said...

Adam's a great guy! We don't have too many pictures of Travis either, because he usually doesn't have a shirt on so I have to leave him out of the pictures.

Snelders said...

The doll house is so awesome! What lucky girls you have! Adam is a great guy - such a hard worker. We look forward to seeing you this coming weekend!

Natalie said...

The projects Adam does are amazing and the precision he has in finishing projects is impecable!! The entertainment unit looks so AWESOME!!!Way to go! I think it party time in Pocatello!

Kathleen said...

The dollhouse turned out so cute! I bet the girls love it! Cute as it is though, I am me, Adam's ultimate project will always and forever be the Pumpkin Chimney!